Primary Jewelry Design with Computer

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Jewelry design with computer Book 1 (Third Print)

  • First jewelry design with computer
  • Teaching specifically latest Matrix software
  • Teaching gemstone setting tips and techniques, jewelry making and using them in jewelry design
  • Teaching practical tips and techniques and how to apply commands and tools in designing jewelry
  • Teaching source in Beheshti university, University of Applied Science and Technology and technical and professional institutions

کتاب آموزش ماتریکس,کتاب طراحی طلا و جواهر جلد 1,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر با کامپیوتر

Jewelry design with computer volume 1 teaches working with Matrix software which currently is the strongest and best jewelry design software in the world. In addition to this, jewelry techniques, gemstone setting and how to use them and following technical issues while designing are explained in this book. The purpose behind writing this book publishing and conveying a new profession in jewelry design industry and also creating a standard and reliable source for improving the quality of jewelry design.

کتاب آموزش ماتریکس,کتاب طراحی طلا و جواهر جلد 1,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر با کامپیوتر

Classic design or hand drawing has always been a very important art in design and producing accessories. Everything starts from a design, imagination that can be at first be measured precisely and write its measures on paper and then hand it over to a jeweler so he can turn it into a physical model. Before designing it with computer this was the best way to create a model. In other methods there was no pen and paper or sketches at all, the idea formed itself on the mind of the jeweler and s/he built what was on his or her mind.

But nowadays if you cannot draw your ideas on paper or cannot make a model with your hands like the traditional model you can use a computer and draw your design directly with the help of the software and build a prototype with the help of different machines. Doesn’t matter whether or not you have the ability to draw, make jewelry with hand or don’t have experience working with computer software, all that matters is when you can turn your ideas into a model using a tool. In the end it doesn’t matter whether you can draw or cannot make jewelry pieces or not, it has nothing to do with your ability to learn jewelry design design with computer and they are not essential in learning process. Although, it would help you if you already have experience in jewelry design design and know how to make jewelry pieces.

کتاب آموزش ماتریکس,کتاب طراحی طلا و جواهر جلد 1,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر با کامپیوتر

As It has been said before in this book all the jewelry and gold making standards are written in order and there are pictures so students can create their models with no technical issues once they are done with their study and practices. In the past decade automation has entered jewelry design industry in the world and caused a revelation in the field, once the prototype machinery, CNC cutting devices, 3D printers and lasers the need for designers increased . Since the prototype machines’ speed has increased during the last decade and with technology’s improvement the need for designers been increasing all around the globe. Students and those who graduated art, technical and engineering fields related to this, industrial design, graphics, painting, abstract painting, sculpting and computer can learn jewelry design design with computer and find a job and reach an income.

This book is not just about working with computer software but it also teaches how to design jewelry pieces with following exact jewelry making standards, casting and setting. A jewelry design designer should always know jewelry making standards, casting , setting and melting and get familiar with the whole process so the model he makes turns to have no issues. A simple design with no issues has more value than a piece that is more complicated but has technical issues that makes it impossible for the jeweler to make it.

All the lessons and materials in this book including charts and jewelry making standards and settings are the result of years of experience and learning from mistakes in order to reach a point in which the designer can design a model with no issue from structure, jewelry making, setting and melting. This book is the result of 10 years research and experience in both domestic and international teaching experience in institutions, universities. Students and those who are interested in learning this profession should know the basics of working with a computer in an intermediate level an intermediate command of English language. Designing with a computer will give you the opportunity to a 3D model prototype with CNC machines hand it to your employer or customer. This also allows your audience to have a look at the  jewelry before it’s made so they can apply the changes they want on its size, material and color. You’ll also have the chance to create a picture (render) from the piece before it is made by using a computer. In this industry accuracy, speed and low cost of production are the main 3 factors.

کتاب آموزش ماتریکس,کتاب طراحی طلا و جواهر جلد 1,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر,آموزش طراحی طلا و جواهر با کامپیوتر

Commands and written techniques in the book are written in a way that they will introduce how to use commands and tools in the software, the ones that are the result of years of hard work and take a long time to master. These techniques are written in the form of different practices and are taught in step by step form. Jewelry design design with computer has the following advantages: increasing speed, preciseness in the design and removing the traditional issues in design and production. Decreasing the weight as much as possible, increasing the performance of designers and producers, measuring the exact weight of the metal, number and the precise weight of the stones and calculating the exact price for the finished product, being able to take a virtual picture of the designed product before spending a great deal of money on building a model, the low cost of tools and equipment pieces needed for designing with computer in compare with the traditional ways, less production costs. Nowadays in the world big and first class companies and smaller producers, even private designers, designing jewelry design with computer is one of the main and basic production principles and for competing with designers and producers one should use these techniques.

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