Amir Khoshgo

Amir Khoshgoo

Instructor of Jewelry Design with Computer

Amir Khoshgoo

Instructor of Jewelry Design with Computer

I have been working in different branches of design and abstract arts such as interior design, furniture design, sculpting, character design, makeup design, and makeup’s special features since 2001. Experiences that I have gathered have been a great back up in gold and jewelry design for me and caused a faster entrance and development in this field. I’ve always tried to use my experiences in order to get better.

Since 2010, I started working with zbrush and after a couple of years of work and experience in digital sculpting, chatter design and product design I used this software for designing gold and jewelry.

Using natural Motifs, historic elements, ancient and original and personage design for products, sculpture and jewelry are my favorite fields in gold and jewelry design.

In my opinion, features such as strong imagination, creativity, flexibility, loyalty to work ethics, hard work and bravery in trying new experiences and being up to date is one of the main features of a successful designer and I constantly try to enhance my abilities in these areas.

Educational and scientific background

  • BA and MA in: industrial design in art and Architecture University
  • University tutor in several practical courses since 2011
  • Passing jewelry design course with matrix in Beheshti University
  • Holder of Gemology certificate from College of Fine Arts
  • Winner of first place in Tehran’s gem week in professional section in 2017
  • Passing 3D character design course in cghouse , in 2011
  • Passing digital painting course in cghouse
  • Holder of elementary and advanced sculpting certificate from Tasvirgaran Pouya andish
  • Passing professional courses in interior design and material course from 3rd dimension institution

Research filed

  • Gold and jewelry design
  • Product design
  • Interior design and exhibit design
  • Makeup design and makeup’s special features
  • Character design
  • Sculpting and digital sculpting
  • Wood industry and wooden artifacts design


  • worked in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as art expert from 2000 till 2017
  • Tutoring in University of Applied Sciences in Associate and BA classes since 2010
  • Gold and jewelry design and idealization
  • Funder of Rando jewelry design institution
  • Working as an interior design and decoration since 2007
  • Chahargan’s industrial group designer
  • Managing Tally stick’s production design
  • Active in character design filed in computer graphic
  • Active in sculpting and digital sculpting filed
  • Worked as theater makeup from 2001 till 2012
  • Design and applying makeup in several exhibitions and taking part in various festivals

Software knowledge

  • Zbrush
  • Rhinoceross
  • 3ds max
  • Matrix
  • Photoshop

Amir khoshgo’s design sample

  • Gold and jewelry
  • Character
  • Products
  • Sculptor
  • Videos