Please carefully study the rules and regulations of Mortazavi Design Academy

Illegally using MDA’ name and logo :

Claiming that MDA directly or indirectly supports or certifies any kind of personal or private businesses and their employees, products, services and the price tags is illegal use of MDA’s name.Claiming that students, graduates, their business or specific precious gems is false accusation.

MDA does not support any business activities, students or graduates that have certificates or certified jewelry without verifying their certificates again.

In person course rules

Rules and regulations regarding canceling, dropping and refund :

In this section of rules and regulations details of canceling, dropping and refund is mentioned.

In case of any questions you can contact us through phone: +982166936739 and email: , or visit us at 76 Toyota building, sattarkhan St., 5th floor,N.20, , Tehran, Iran 

Students can cancel their registration before class begins, with either calling the above numbers or personally visit MDA. Students who want to cancel their registration after the class started have to personally talk to the academy’s management.

cancelling and refund will be calculated as below:

Tuition fee’s refund policy :

  • If the class is canceled by MDA, there will be a full refund.
  • If students cancel the class after it started their time in the class will be calculated and then refund will be paid.
  • Books that are not used or harmed and are able to be returned, after an overall evaluation by MDA will be taken back.
  • Used books that are not in good condition will not be taken back.

Calculating the refund:

Time student has spent in the classMDAMoney that will be refunded
up to 10% of spent hours10% tuition90% tuition
10-25% class hours25% tuition75% tuition
25-50% class hours50% tuition50% tuition
more than 50% of spent hours100% tuitionnor-refundable

Refund calculation sample:

Students who pay the fee fully for 10 sessions that each is 3 hours (overall 30 hours) decides to cancel after taking 2 sessions which is 6 hours:

payed fee by the student:

overall class time:

Hours student spent in the class:

Student’s participation percentage in class:

Refundable fee’s percentage:

Non- refundable fee:

Rules and regulations for online classes:

  • Name implies that for using online classes we need high quality Internet with at least 256kb. students should check their Internets.
  • Testing the speed of internet connection for online classes should be available.
  • If the class is cancelled by MDA, there will be a full refund.
  • If class is canceled after the first session only 50% of the fee will be refunded.
  • If class is canceled after the second session, there will be no refund.
  • If students are absent more than 3 sessions, there will be no end of course certificate.
  • Students that do not do their practices fully will not receive a certificate.