Mohammad Sadegh Habib Zadeh

Alongside my studies in BS degree in mine exploration I was fascinated by the gemstones and their vast world. I slowly developed an urge to know more about precious and semi-precious gems, that is why I passed gem identification courses and started to work in this field. This was when my interest in designing and creating art pieces increased once I graduated RS and GIS filed and received my MS degree I took gold and jewelry design course with Mohammad Mortazavi in Beheshti university.

Soon after my course I started working in this field and cooperated with various manufacturers. The more time passes the more absorbed I get by this field because as a designer you face plenty of challenges regarding each model, another thrilling thing is that a jewelry designer is constantly learning and the path to become a successful designer is endless.

Software knowledge:   




Material Magic

Work experiences:

Worked with Rad company

Worked with Artemis design company

Worked with 12th company

Worked with Emerald brand

Worked with several 3D printers such as Multi jet and DLP

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