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Instructure: Mohammad Mortazavi
instructure: Mohammad Mortazavi
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About the Course

This course starts from the basics and is suitable for people who have no experience on jewelry design. The Jewelry Concept Design course is an innovation in the academic jewelry industry and is being held by MDA for the first time. In this course students will learn jewelry concept design using just a pencil and a piece of paper and will be trained to learn concept design techniques alongside jewelry design. One of the biggest concerns of jewelry designers and 3D modelers comes from the need to come up with new ideas, design and develop a collection and most importantly analyze a concept and develop it. Designing a new ring, depending on its complexity, may take a couple of hours; but designing a collection, developing it and keeping a successful design alive; may take days, months or even years. This course is for those who are interested in concept design and developing an idea. In this course simple and practical ways for concept development will be presented that will help students to improve their mental skills and creativity in order to become a jewelry designer.
In this course we focus on concept and idea development more than rendering and presentation. This is what makes this course different from the traditional drawing courses elsewhere. Moreover, this course will present primary sketching and drawing techniques in a way that can help students convey their ideas to the customer as fast as possible. All these techniques that are presented during this course are the result of several years of research, experiment and experience. You may have encountered some of these techniques before, but here we will instruct them step by step in detail, so you can develop your own ideas more precisely. Traditionally, pen and paper have always been the primary tools for an artist or a designer. No matter where you are, when you come up with an idea a pencil and paper is always the best tool to illustrate your imaginations, this has always been and will be the mainstream in any design industry.
This is why in this course designing and drawing jewelry, shading techniques and also drawing various gemstones and accessories such as rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and bangles that are qualified for production will be taught. We will also offer digital painting skillshops as add-on courses for those who wish to present their ideas digitally. Technically, it does not matter whether you use a pencil and paper or a tablet and stylus for digital drawing, all these techniques that you will learn are fit for either way.


The major difference that parts Mortazavi Design Academy from other academies and schools that present online courses is that we at MDA offer a live, interactive class whereas other online education websites usually offer a pre-recorded video of a course that withdraws the ability to collaborate with the instructor and ask questions. However at MDA we assure a full collaborative online class that allows the students to ask questions, collaborate and see the class live from their online panel.

Course Topics

  1.  An introduction on jewelry and concept design
  2. Difference in technical drawing, sketching and bringing raw ideas on the paper
  3. Practicing how to draw accurate lines and curves
  4. Shading and Shadowing
  5. Technical drawing and understanding 3D silhouettes
  6. Introduction and teaching how to draw different jewelry pieces in perspective
  7. Concept design and how concept designers think
  8. Concept and how it is produced
  9. An Introduction on concept development
  10. What’s a DNA of a design?

About the Instructor

mohammad mortazavi
Mohammad Mortazavi

ِCEO & Instructor

  • Founder and CEO of Mortazavi Design Academy
  • Designer, concept designer and CDO of MDA’s design team
  • 13 international jewelry design awards
  • 5-time jury member in international design competitions
  • Jewelry Design Certificate from GIA, Florance – Italy, 2010
  • Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) program certificate from GIA, USA, 2014
  • Author of three jewelry design books
  • 12 years of teaching experience
Nooshin Mosavi
Noushin Mousavi
  • Graduated in industrial design from Iran University of Science & Technology
  • Concept designer at MDA
  • Certified from Shahid Beheshti University in jewelry design with the Matrix software
  • Passed digital sketching courses
  • Selected as teacher assistant at Islamic Azad University of Tehran
  • Certified from the 3rd Dimension Design Academy in sketching and design fundamentals
  • Winner nominee from the Jewelry & History competition in 2017


This course starts from the very basics of jewelry design and jewelry concepts, therefore anyone who has no information on designing a jewelry piece can participate in this course. Those who have already attended our Jewelry Design with Computer course or know how to model a jewelry piece in jewelry design software can also take part in this course as it does not contradict or cover the the content presented in those courses. This course is followed by the Advanced Jewelry Concept Design course that offers more detailed information about concept design.

Those who do not find enough time to practice and review the material presented in class, because learning concept design requires creativity and time to practice.

The jewelry concept design market has become quite popular in the past recent years since advanced 3D printers have required more 3D jewelry designers, thus requiring more concept jewelry designers for work.

Certificate of Completion

Students will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion” by the academy upon their completion of the course.

This certificate is embedded with a unique QR code that presents the details and authenticity of the certificate when scanned.

The certificate will be posted after process within 3 weeks of your course final.

طراحی طلا و جواهر با رایانه,آکادمی طراحی مرتضوی,مدرک بین المللی طراحی طلا
Official Authorized Training Partner Acknowledgment from Gemvision
طراحی طلا و جواهر با رایانه,آکادمی طراحی مرتضوی,مدرک بین المللی طراحی طلا
International Certificate of Completion from MDA

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