آکادمی طراحی طلا و جواهر,طراحی طلا و جواهر با نرم افزار

Student name :
Mehri moayedi‎


Class title :
ZBrush (primary)
زیبراش،برنامه زیبراش,دوره آموزشی زیبراش


Instructor :
Bahman Fakouri


Start date : April 2018
End date : July 2018


Contact :

Mortazavi Design Academy, The first and only jewelry design institute based in Tehran-Iran which is the authorized educational partner of the “Gemvision” company for instructing the “Matrix” jewelry design software.

+9821-66430067  |  +9821-66936739

Unit 20, 5th fkl., No. 76, SattarKhan, Tehran, IRAN

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