Jewelry Design and concept design

jewelry idea nooshin mousavi online
jewelry idea nooshin mousavi online
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online courses in mortazavi design academy

Here in Mortazavi Design academy we part ourselves from other institutions that hold online courses with one major difference and that is by holding an actual class where there is actual interaction among the students and instructor and we avoid playing an already recorded video. When students are watching an already recorded video, if they face any issues while working with the software there is no way for them to ask a question and solve it, but in MDA’s online course students are interacting with the instructor and whenever there is something that they do not understand or feel the need for further information they can simply ask and receive an answer.

 About Handmade Jewelry Designer Course

This course starts from the basics and is suitable for people who have no information on jewelry design, they can take part in this course and start learning jewelry design and concept design.

This course is an innovation in jewelry industry and is being held by Mortazavi Design academy for the first time. In this course students will learn jewelry design and concept design by using pencil and paper, concept design techniques will be thought alongside with jewelry design.

One of the biggest concerns of the jewelry designers and modelers is to figure out a way for coming up with new ideas, promote a collection and more importantly how to find a concept and how to develop it.

Designing a new ring depending on its difficulty may take a couple of hours but designing a collection, developing it and keeping a successful design alive may take days, months or even years. This course is for those who are interested in concept design and developing an idea. In this course simple and practical ways will be thought and by learning them students can improve their mental skills and creativity in order to become a jewelry designer.

This course is for those who are interested in jewelry with hand, jewelry design with a computer and digital software pieces. It does not matter what tools you use; you can still use the techniques that are thought in this course in order to improve your concept designing skills. In this course not only you learn designing and developing a concept but also you will learn ways and techniques on how to draw sketches will be thought so students can convey their ideas to customers as fast as possible.

All these techniques that are thought in this course are the result of several years of research, experiment and experience. You yourself may have faced some of these but here we will try to teach these techniques step by step in detail so you can develop your own ideas.

Traditionally, pen and paper have always been the essential tools for an artist or a designer. No matter where you are when you have an idea you can use a pen and paper in order to depict your imagination, this has always been and will always be very common in jewelry design industry. This is why in this course designing and drawing jewelry, shadowing techniques and also drawing various gemstones and accessories such as rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and bangles that are suitable for being produced will be thought.

Technically, it does not matter whether you use pen and paper for sketching or tablet and light pen for digital drawing, all these techniques that you will learn are suitable for either paper or a tablet that needs light pen in order to create digital drawings.


Jewelry Hand drawing topics :

  1. An introduction on gold and jewelry design and concept design
  2. Difference in technical drawing, sketching and bringing raw ideas on the paper
  3. Practicing how to draw lines and curves
  4. Shading and shadowing
  5. Technical drawing and understanding 3D masses
  6. Introduction and teaching how to draw different jewelry pieces in perspective
  7. Concept design and how concept designers think
  8. Concept and how it is produced

Jewelry design with hand FAQ:

Who should take part in this course?

Since this course begins from basics of designing, those who have no information on designing jewelry can take part in these classes in order to learn jewelry design and concept design so they can prepare themselves for the advanced course which is more specific. Those who have spent jewelry design with hand or computer in this academy or other academies can take part in this course and learn something new. Also those who have spent courses learning how to make jewelry with hand can also take part in this course so they can strengthen their creativity and concept design skills so they can create new styles or models.

Who should not take this course?

Those who do not have enough time to think and practice because learning concept designing requires creativity and time for practice.

How is the market for jewelry design with hand?

People can learn drawing tips and techniques so they can apply their ideas and sell their designs to jewelry making companies or galleries.

What kind of certificate will be given to students are they valid?

Mortazavi design academy is the only official teaching representative for gemvision’s USA Company in Iran that has the certificate to hold matrix official courses. In other words MDA is the only institution in Iran that gemvision itself approves the given certificates by mortazavi design academy. Due to this MDA is the only academy that uses the original matrix software for the courses. Because of this you can receive the most validated certificate at the end of the passed courses and doing the end of course project. These certificates are in English with gemvision logo and letter pressed stamp. In addition to all these in order in increase validation and prevent fake certificates to exist there is a specific QR CODE oriented on the certificates, that once they are scanned you’ll be send to a page in “” site that is specifically designed to approve the certificate form academy which will approve the student’s certificate in both Persian and English. This is very impressive and has a great value for those who are interested in studying or working in foreign countries.

Instructior work samples :

Course Features

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  • Duration 36 Hours
  • Skill level All levels
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  • Assessments Yes


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